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INSPIRED play cafe LLC

Parties offered any day of the week!

+ Up to 20 children's admission to play and 50 total guests

+ 2 hours of private access to our entire 2,000 sqft space

+ FREE play pass for the birthday party child

+ 30 minutes complimentary time, where we set your event up with you! 

+ No clean-up after your event, we take care of the mess!!!!!!

+ We are the server at your event, picking up trash, refilling food and beverage, and making sure you have everything you need so that you can attend to your guests and enjoy the day

+ Complimentary ice, water, and drip coffee 

+ No fee for hired entertainment you pay to join your event

+ You can bring any outside food or drinks (no peanuts, please)

+ Complimentary Wi-Fi, TV, and Speaker for music

+ Changing table in bathrooms, environment is ADA accessible 

$425 + 18% gratuity

CC processing fee applied at check out


+ Up to 10 children's admission to play and 35 total guests

+ 2 hours of private access to our entire 2,000 sqft space

+ 30 minutes complimentary time for you to set up and 30 minutes for you to clean up with our help!

+ Complimentary ice and water

+ No fee for hired entertainment you pay to join your event

+ You can bring any outside food or drinks (no peanuts, please)

+ Complimentary Wi-Fi, TV, and Speaker for music

+ Changing table in bathrooms, environment is ADA accessible 


+ # of guests/children allowed + we do not serve your event + no free coffee + no free play pass + you must help clean up after


we encourage you to leave a tip if you were pleased with your experienced 

CC processing fee applied at check out

+ BYO decorations, food, and drink

+ can book after 1 pm on weekdays only

+ does not include time to set up before hand, you must include that in the time you reserve for private rental

+ we clean up the mess!!!

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$100 per hour

+ 10 per child


"The Weekday" can only be booked Monday through Thursday and can begin between 1 pm and 6 pm for a start time, with a minimum of 1 hour per booking.

Friday Celebrations

+ only one party is accepted on Fridays: once booked, all other times close out

4:30-6:30, 5:00-7:00, 5:30-7:30, 6:00-8:00


Saturday Celebrations

1:00-3:00 PM

4:00-6:00 PM

Sunday Celebrations

10:30 AM - 12:30PM

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Optional Add On's 

To check our current availability for celebrations, please follow the instructions below: 

1.) select "click here to book an event" at the top of this page

2.) select category "book a private celebration or event"

3.) hit "select" at the bottom of that page and view times/dates available

+ Food and Beverage-

Option 1: where we can keep a running tab for your guests or pre-order food items to be ready when you arrive! We offer 10% off anyone buying food for their guests from our cafe. Our beverage menu is open to all party guests regardless of if they will be ordering food or not. Please view our menu under the "menu tab" for our current drink menu. 

Option 2: we can use our food vendors and specialize food based on what you'd like to have. We do this by a phone call, going over how many people you have and what food you'd like to see at the event. Then, we go out and get the food and have it ready for you on the day of your event. 

+ Decorations- we act as an event coordinator and help you design your party, then we go out and get your decorations and you walk into a ready-to-go celebration!

+ Party Favors- let us know your theme and we can put together party bags for all your guests!

PRICES are based on party size, planning and labor time, cost of goods, etc., and vary per guest. There is NO set price for this and can be as simple or extravagant as you choose! We can simply come up with a projected budget and as we plan your event, check in with you to verify we are on the right track with what you desire. This is not a HANDS OFF process, we will include you in everything to ensure your satisfaction. We are simply just taking the burden of doing the event off your hands by getting your food and decorations, and having them prepared for you when you walk in the day of your event. Call for details and questions. 

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Entertainment+ Catering

Click the vendors link and contact them directly for details, pricing, and planning. You will pay the vendor directly.  

+ Snow cone and cotton candy machine rental

+ Sensory & Storytime

+ Upon A Dream Princess Parties

+ The Milestone Market - balloon decor

+ Play Haus KC -ball pits, blow-ups

+ Party In The Fields- bounce houses, signs, and more!

+ Pizza Tascio - pizza, salads, and more! 

+ Golden Juniper Photography

+ Music & Movement

+ Art & Craft station or structured activity

You are responsible for booking and coordinating any additional entertainment you hire. You must inform us at the time of your booking, if you will have additional vendors and who they will be. We suggest that you use our vendors first and outsource if they are unavailable. We do not allow personal bounce houses, ball pits, or items from home. Thank you! 




DEPOSIT: 1/2 of the total is required down as a non-refundable deposit due at booking. For more information, please contact our event coordinator at

CANCELLATION + ILLNESS: If you need to cancel for personal reasons or illness prior to 48 hours, the deposit is non-refundable and you are required to pay 1/2 the remaining balance. If you cancel 2 weeks before your event and would like to reschedule, an additional deposit of $150 is due.


If you or anyone in your household attending the party are sick (including the child), we REQUIRE you to reschedule if you would like a new date and you are responsible to pay an additional fee to reschedule. Please contact us if this is your situation. Otherwise, you can forfeit the deposit and you do not have to reschedule. 

RULE: We do not allow joint parties for anyone outside of the home/siblings withour prior approval. If you want to do a joint party, please email us at and we will discuss pricing with you based on your needs. Thank you! 

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