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+ Owner has a background in Behavioral Analysis, along with 7-years of clinical work as 1:1 behavior therapist for children with ASD & other behavioral diagnoses. Further, the owner studied Montessori and other educational methods of play, to enhance her background knowledge in how to design an environment best fit best for children's development and engagement at all levels. 

+ Play environment is thoughtfully designed using research-based practices and educational, multi-purpose toys and materials. There is a strategy behind how and where materials are placed and manipulated. 

+ Every few weeks, toys are rotated to inspire and maintain an engaged, ever-evolving space for children.

+ Bridges the gap between your a coffee shop & nutritious cafe + educationally inspired play environment 

+ Limits their capacity to 30 children per 2-hour play period and promotes a soft, simple, and clean aesthetic and feel

+ Offers educational classes and special events, further educating all children and adults who visit. Some examples are: music class, spanish music and storytime, sensory and storytime, and movement led by pediatric physical therapist

+ Is a private event and celebration space, where 20 childrens admission in included in your price + up to 50 total guests. We individualize each party to fit your needs and serve you through the entire event!

+ Educational play environment

+ Café with nutritious food and beverage 

+ Private celebrations and event space



INSPIRED play cafe LLC

What is IPC
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At INSPIRED Play Cafe LLC we promise to keep up to date on educational methods of play and learning and to provide an always-evolving environment. We desire to connect with the community on multifaceted levels, creating lasting relationships throughout the nation.

What IPC is not
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