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Inspired Play Cafe LLC opened in November of 2021 by a single mother who had never taken a business class in her life! With a passion for the community and true change, Bianca took her background in Organizational Behavioral Management and applied that with a creative vision God gave her for this business. Being successful from the start, Bianca humbly knew she had something unique. As the weeks and months passed, pressure to franchise was tough. Bianca gets phone calls from across the nation on a weekly basis of like-minded people who want to open a play cafe in their community. This is why Bianca offers 1:1 personalized consulting for current or future business owners and play cafe lovers. She takes what she's done and guides you through bringing your dreams to life, where ever you are and whatever it is! If this is something you would like to learn more about, you can email Bianca at to set up a free 30 minute consultation. Thereafter, Bianca charges an hourly rate and can personalize time to identify exactly what you need. Bianca has consulted with other play cafes who spent just a few hours with her and they together made so much progress that the play cafe is now opening a second location. Bianca is truly gifted in business entrepreneurship and equally has a passion to help others obtain their visions, dreams, and mission. 

Those interested in owning a Licensing Agreement to Inspired Play Cafe LLC or who are interested in opening their own play cafe concept in another city with Bianca's expertise should click the link "contact" and request our Consulting Offerings Guide. To book a free 30-minute consultation and use this link.

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