INSPIRED play cafe


Monthly Membership

6 Month Membership

2 hours per day
2 hours per day
2 hours per day

$19 / 1 child / $19 per child

$25 / 2 siblings / $12.50 per child

$32 / 3 siblings / $10.66 per child 

$38 / 4 siblings / $9.50 per child

$44 / 5 siblings / $8.80 per child

$49/ 1 child / per month

$69/ 2 sibling / per month

$89/ 3+ siblings / per month

$39 / 1 child / per month

$59 / 2 siblings / per month

$79 / 3+ siblings / per month

*All play passes and memberships can only be purchased per immediate family (siblings). Monthly memberships are an autorenewal from the date of purchase every month until you pause a month or cancel with a 14 day notice. To do so, email You can buy a month and send an email the same day stating "only this month".  A 6 month memberships is a 6 month commitment pulled autorenewal from date of purchase. To get out of a 6 month commitment it is on a per circumstance basis decided by management and you must pay 1/2 of your remaining months left.
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INSPIRED play cafe

+ Reserve your play online to ensure a spot

+ 2 hour play periods 

+ All customers are required to have a waiver on file. To speed up your check-in, please fill out the waiver available here.

+ If you decide to buy a membership after your first visit, we will refund you and apply this purchase towards your membership!!! 

+ Ability to pause a 6 month membership for up to 3 months


*Please note we do not allow outside food and drinks.

*Peanut-free environment. 


INSPIRED play cafe

+ Includes one 2-hour play session every day.

+ Any playing child can be added onto membership, regardless of age. 

+ Enhancement classes included (Sensory + Story Time, Movement & Music, etc.)

+ Adults are complimentary.

+ Infants 0-6 months are complimentary with paying sibling or only $10 individually. 

+ One complimentary drink pass provided monthly. 

+ First access to emails and updates about the café and upcoming events. 

+ Ability to pause for up to 3 months on a 6 month commitment membership.

* Membership must be active to receive benefits. 

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INSPIRED play cafe

+ Automatic withdraw on the date your membership starts, from stored card on your online portal.

+ Must present 14-day written notice to cancel for monthly or can cancel after 6 months commitment

+ Cannot transfer membership.

+ Does not include access to ticketed events. 

+ Can pause for up to 3 months during a 6 month commitment. 

+ If you need out of a 6-month commitment due to unforeseen circumstances, you must pay 1/2 of the remaining months balance.


INSPIRED play cafe

+ Group and private play rates available, contact

+ Private event space for birthdays and celebrations available on Saturday and Sundays.

+ Complimentary arts and crafts station available in the cafe.

+ Work space with individual plug in's to use for homeschool, work, or fun.

+ Seating availability for up to 50 people in the cafe.  

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INSPIRED play cafe

+ Parents are ALWAYS to supervise their child(ren) | there is no employee supervision.

+ Respect others bodies and feelings - use gentle hands and feet.

+ No outside food or drink unless medically necessary. 

+ No shoes- socks on.

+ No throwing.

+ No jumping or climbing on anything outside of the “movement + motor” area. 

+ Use inside voices. 

+ Help clean up at the end of the play period.

+ No strollers in play environment, please leave them towards the front and in the café.

Explore, learn, be curious, and play!

INSPIRED play cafe

Inspired Play Cafe's priority is the health & safety of our guests and team. 

Below are our safety protocols.

+ Cleaning and disinfecting of our entire space and activity stations every 2- hours and during nightly closing procedures.

+ Frequent sanitization and disinfecting of the play items, dining areas, and restrooms.

+ Sanitizer readily available for our guests, playmates, and employees.

*All products used are non-toxic.

*Products used kill viruses immediately.