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  • What are you?
    We are a play space you bring your children to for 2-hour SET play periods. You do this by reserving a spot in advance online. You can bring your computer to work while seeing your children play from any point in the building. You can also play with them, or let them play with friends while you have a nutritious meal or drink. Our space serves many uses, and we hope you will find something that suits you well at this stage in your child's life. We are NOT a drop-off location- you are the supervisor*** all guests must have a waiver on file.
  • How long is my play session for?
    All play time slots are 2 hours. These are set times that do not change. Please see current play periods at "reserve my play" link.
  • Can we wear shoes in the play area?
    Guests are welcome to wear socks or go barefoot. We do NOT require socks.
  • Can we bring outside food or drinks?
    No outside food or drink with the exception of parties and private events or if medically necessary.
  • Do you have space to store food and drinks for my private event?
    No. You must bring your food the day of your event.
  • What does the membership include?
    Visit our membership page HERE to learn more!
  • Do you offer group discounts?
    Yes. For group rates or private play, email This will be based on availability, quantity of group, and times.
  • What is the arts and crafts station?
    In the cafe, we have a station set up with endless arts and crafts materials complimentary. Your children can stay engaged or you can do an activity with them while the younger siblings play! This station will be restocked weekly and also provide seasonally inspired activities. We do ask that you only take what you will use and put back any materials unused. Thank you!
  • Does INSPIRED Play Cafe supervise the play environment?
    NO. All children are required to have a waiver on file to be inside the play environment. SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED. We are not a drop-off location. Though our employees will be around, it is not their job to supervise your little ones. Our cafe allows visability to the play environment at all times for children who do not need intimate supervision.
  • Do you have a trial period?
    Yes- if you purchase a day pass and would like to then buy a membership, we will refund you for the day and put it towards your membership. This must be done after just ONE visit. If you have come more than once, we cannot refund you and apply it towards a membership.
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